McShane & Brady reaches settlement with major health insurance provider over breach of patient records

November 7, 2018

McShane & Brady recently secured a settlement of over $17,000,000 from Aetna Health and Life due to a breach of personal information concerning private health and medical conditions including the Plaintiffs’ HIV status.

The plaintiffs were customers of Aetna Health and Life Insurance who received HIV medication coverage through Aetna. A letter from Aetna was sent to each customer denoting each patients’ HIV status plainly visible on the outside of the letter. The information contained in the letter was clearly visible through the "open window" of the envelope. Thus, anyone who came in contact with this letter would know private information about the plaintiff.

"Many of our clients were forcibly outed by the disclosure. Everyone is entitled to privacy when it comes to their health information. Those privacy requirements extend to health insurance providers. No one should have to worry about their privacy being invaded." said Maureen Brady, partner of McShane & Brady, LLC.

This class action suit was filed on behalf of all the patients whose medical privacy was violated when their information was visible through the "open window" on the envelope.

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